DuraKore as cabin floor?

Discussion in 'Materials' started by RoyB, Jan 15, 2008.

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    I think I put this in the wrong category when first posted. Apologies to anyone bothered by re-post...
    I will be replacing the cabin flooring in a 40 foot sailboat. The existing flooring is getting soft from moisture and abuse and the Teak and Holly veneer is trashed.

    I've been thinking about using BalTek / DuraKore for the job. I'd laminate either thin Teak/Holly veneer (if I can find it) or else a layer or two of carbon fiber on the upper surface.

    I have a some questions:

    1) Would I be better off using balsa or foam cored material?
    2) How do I best calculate the required thickness?
    3) If I surface with carbon fibre I'd like to clear coat it for appearance. Is there a good way to apply some non-skid to the exposed surface without destroying the appearance?
    4) Will epoxy work for the exposed surface or is it too soft and subject to marking if a winch handle or similar is dropped on it?
    5) In general (I know it's hard to give a specific answer) will a DuraKore+surface laminate panel be lighter than an equivalent plywood + teak/holly veneer panel?
    6) Is there another approach to the top surface that I haven't thought of that would be better than CF or veneer?

    Thanks in advance
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