DSS for Baltic 142' Cruiser/Racer

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    The in-build Baltic 142 will be the first superyacht to feature a DSS foil…

    At the end of 2017, Baltic Yachts announced the construction of carbon composite Baltic 142 custom sloop, named Canova. Commissioned by a repeat Baltic client, the project will be first superyacht to be equipped with a Dynamic Stability System (DSS) foil that. With the casing for the foil now installed, Baltic is able to reveal more about the high level of technology that is being featured on the project.

    Once launched, Canova will be able to deploy its 29ft 6in-long athwartships DSS foil at the touch of a button, which will create lift to dramatically reduce heel, increase speed, dampen pitching and enhance comfort. Designing and fitting the case, through which the foil will move, has been a major engineering challenge for Baltic, naval architect Farr Yacht Design and composite engineers Gurit, not least because the carbon structure runs directly beneath the owner's berth amidships.

    See video here: Foil Assist Monohulls https://www.boatdesign.net/threads/foil-assist-monohulls.60502/page-5#post-844995 post 69

    DSS Baltic 142 29'.jpg
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