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Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by DaveWork, Apr 9, 2020.

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    IMG_20200409_174217.jpg Hi guys/girls.

    New to this whole thing.

    I've picked up a job where the client would like the cab removed and altered as well as 4 new sides made for their punt. The cab is easy enough so I've got that sorted. With the sides, they would like them to hinge down and become platforms they can work off while standing in the water.

    I was wondering if anyone has seen this kind of thing before or could offer any suggestions on how they would go about it. I've got some ideas but always curious on other people

    Any info is much appreciated.
  2. gonzo
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    I've seen them on house boats. How much weight are they planning on putting on the platforms? Stability may be an issue.
  3. DaveWork
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    I would say 2 people at most. I've actually never seen them before
  4. Barry
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    Two methods

    The cheapest would be is to weld two horizontal spuds close to the vertical ones that are in existence to hold the mesh side up. The panel would have to be held horizontal to push the panel onto the spuds and perhaps a\
    quick pin to hold the pipe frame onto the spud. Then straps attached to the upper/outer portion of the panel. I would use nylon straps with clips as compared to chains which would continually rattle in rough seas

    Alternatively a lift off hinge as above. They make them much larger for heavier loads and with the correct orientation you can slide the panel onto the hinges. They also make a similar hinge but I cannot find an image where the hinge will only be joined up if the angle of the hatch is at a certain angle and once the angle changes, the hatch cannot move in the direction of the axis of the hinge pin in essence locking it on.
    A similar every day example would be the hinge design of a pick up truck box where the tail gate can only be removed at a certain angle

  5. DaveWork
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    Hi. Thanks for your reply.

    Horizontal spuds?

    The gates don't need to be removable. I don't want them to protude anymore than the existing width of the deck so I was thinking of making my own hinge setup and recessing it into the deck. They will need to be a double hinged setup in order to get the depth down into the water as well as the actual platform to work from. I was thinking of a simple stay setup like you see on a lot of ute/pick up tail gates.
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