Downeast hull design

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Marc78, May 17, 2006.

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    This is the 26-ft Cape Islander illustrated above, built as an open boat:


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    Thanks guys appreciated - think I've got my "short list" a few oldies and one new one (a Wilbur 42 - ) just got to decide now... in the meantime I'll keep on enjoying my 1961 Halverson Sea Skiff - a 24' clinker with a nice cabin and an old Chrysler 318
  4. Boston

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    what would the performance curve look like for a true Down Easter
    or better yet is there a calculator were I can upload sections and figure it out myself
    as compared to say a full displacement hull of the same length
    and a full planing hull of the same length
    looking for a speed to energy graph


    Ive done my time on the old lobster boats and I know how nicely they handle
    just not sure how energy efficient they are
  5. apex1

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    very....................... OR say, this is 14kn at 78hp...............Questions?


    if they are "LOBSTERBOATS" not _inckley_ or the like!
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    Bigger Better??

    I like this design seems efficient, reasonable fast and to my eye is good looking!

    Unfortunately its a couple of feet longer than what your looking for!

  7. Boston

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    Ive seen the hull design used in boats as big as 50 feet
    whats the length and displacement of the boat pictured
    and thanks for the info


    other than kid sized sailing boats of every flavor the basic lobster boat is the only boat I do have any time in on
    I spent several summers pulling traps a few times a week
    we also did some diving off one owned by the neighbor
  8. apex1

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    Nice design, bad crafted.
    As you can see, the bottom is planked by ply sheets that in the better case are scarfed.
    A good idea on a 4 meter boat...................
    Better you go for something thoroughly designed. And crafted to that design.
    It may stand the test of time and waves though, but it is not a <boat>. It is a watercraft........
  9. apex1

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    Just enjoy my Gallery mate, the length of the boats is almost pretty obvious.

    And I do them to 105┬┤this style.

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  10. Boston

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    where is your site Richard
    would love to check it out

    Ive read lots of different opinions of the downeasters
    some good
    some saying that the flat after section spooks em for open sea fairing
    but Ive been out on georges bank in em in some pretty ugly stuff and I dont seem to remember ever being in any trouble
    course that was say a 32 ish boat and I wasnt driving
    or frankly even thinking about it
    was just riding it out on the trip back in
    it was a long time ago but still
    I always thought the old lobster boat design was pretty dam stable
    everyone used it and I just dont remember folks complaining much about there handling


    oh and my bad
    still learning this whole internet etiquette thing
    kinda a newbie at the forum thing
    thanks for the tip
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  12. apex1

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    Except for some privately done arrangements, I produce for several well known brands on a stringent contract.
    My Gallery shows almost more than allowed.
    Stand it.

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  13. Boston

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    no worries I wont tell anyone
    so the design is effective in the 60' range ( 20 meters )
    what would the draft be, approximately, at that length
    Ild guess about 4 feet ( 1.3 meters )
    ( I notice you are in Germany so I thought Ild not torture you with our ridiculous imperial system

    do soft chines adversely effect the performance
    I notice in your pictures those are hard chines and I was thinking soft chines all the way

    the point of a hard chine is always getting torn up and as a kid I repaired those dents and missing chunks regularly
    the softer chines dont seem to take as much of a beating
    or at least not that I remember
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    Calling a 72' deep-vee power cruiser a Lobsterboat is as bizarre as calling a shallow vee hull with funny deckhouse a Trawler. Marketing foolishness!'s a Lobsterboat....that's good right?

    All these "Lobsterboats" are knockoff's of Hinckley Picnic Boats, but they can't be called Picnic Boats because Hinckley will take them to court.... The original Picnic Boat's (1960's), before Hinckley got into the business, were built on Lobster Boat hulls. Real, round bottom, full keel, single engined lobster boat hulls. Some Italian marketing guy read a bad translation of this picnic boat history and they all became "Lobster Boats".

    This is a Lobster Boat.....


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    Tad, I understand your desire to educate the unwashed masses but it ain't gonna happen. There are just too many of them out there. I've yet to come up with an adequate reply when someone calls one of my boats a trawler or lobsterboat.
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