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Discussion in 'Motorsailers' started by girvin, Jun 8, 2010.

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    So I was just dreaming up some boat ideas and wanted to just kind of throw this out there. For me I need a big engine for tides and reef passes since our whole reason for cruising is exploring new surf breaks. So the beebe voyaging power boat idea sounds great. However I am a sailer and loved my sailboats. The thing that will always hold me back is money. I am of modest means but my wife loves the large space of the boats I do delivery's on.

    So I was dreaming up a great boat for us someday. Basically something along the lines of the dashew's new power cruiser but more simplistic construction. So somewhere in the middle of a diesel duck and a Dashew's. LOL is that broad enough? We will carry a 16 ft aluminum dink with a yamaha 50 on it so the back deck will be similer to a trawler or work boat but very fine entry and flush deck upfront. I always new I couldn't afford a rig on a sailboat over 50ft but if it was a junk rig and we used it just for going downwind or reaching it would work quite well and be cheap. I would love a 65 to 70 ft boat by 14. That would power at 8.5 knots and have a 3,000 mile range while being able to sail down wind at 14knts. Well sorry about the ramble there is no point just dreaming. :D

    I found some large sailboats that need new rig and sail for cheap when I priced out the cost I fell down. Maybe if I have a realistic idea of motoring to weather always a junk rig and masts could be retrofitted and make one of the 55+ sailboat more reasonable for cost of maintenance or I might still be dreaming. They all seem to have large engines so this is a idea.
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    About 3hp per ton of displacement will give all the speed a displacement hull needs.

    To power cheaply at 8.5K, simply multiply 8.5 times 8.5 and that is the length you need. Cheap speed needs a long boat.

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