Dolfino - 7m classic keelboat for daysailing

Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by Dolfiman, Dec 10, 2019.

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    Dolfino is designed within the frame of
    an old french rule dated 1924, t
    he « 12 m2 du Havre », based on a very simple formula :
    Sails surface according to fore + main triangles ≤ 12 m2
    + some constraints guided by safety reasons (inc. Beam > 1,4 m, Midship quarter beam hull depth > 0,45 m, Ballast > 200 kg, …), so leading to small and quite cheap (for those days) keelboats of about 6 to 7 m for a crew of 2 or 3.
    Around 2009, a renaissance of the class took place, driven by the growing interest in classic yachting : an association was created and the class rules was slightly updated in 2013, in particular concerning the scantlings and the keel geometry in order to preserve a certain style and to not outclass the few remaining historical boats. Members of this association are both happy owners of historical boats and amateur architects and/or builders of new ones. Their web site :
    Dolfino project is so proposed to the association and the amateur builders who can be interested, among the other designs already available, see « Boîte aux plans » in their web site :
    Boite aux plans
    Dolfino complete brochure in English is here attached, many thanks in advance for your interest and comments.

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    Looks like nothing but fun Dolphiman! Awesome classic lines on that hull. Looks like it will slice through waves very nicely. Bravo to you and Alain Lebeau on a job well done. :)
  3. BlueBell
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    BlueBell . . . _ _ _ . . . _ _ _

    Wow, that's a lot of work.
    Thanks for sharing.
  4. Dolfiman
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    Dolfiman Senior Member

    Many thanks for your likes and kind messages, that I will share with Alain, that's a real encouragement to continue propose such projects or studies, and to develop Gene-Hull in parallel.
  5. Howlandwoodworks
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    Both designs look to be very slippery indeed and light as a feathers up top.
    "Alcedo", A graceful bird we call Kingfishers here in the US.
    The ones who live close to me live on the spring feed rivers just south from here and will swoop effertously on high from one rapid to the next. Protecting their flat water territory off of their high branch perches as you pass under them in your canoe or they will skim the surface of the cool clear water for a meal of small fish / minnow,
    Best of speed with all of your endeavours
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  6. Andy
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    Fantastic! Is this the same as the Swiss 12m2 class that Seb Schmidt designed for?
  7. Dolfiman
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    Thanks Andy. I think you make reference to the 15m2 SNS Class, yes these have roughly the same length 6,8 to 7 m but are more heavier and ballasted (800-850 kg of which 500 to 550 kg of ballast) and sails area are ruled to 15 m2 (fore triangle + main). They are beautiful keel boats, usually built in molded wood by high skilled professional yards, sailing on Swiss lakes only (to my knowledge, an home circuit of about 7 major events per year). Seb Schmidt and also Ruedi Stadelman are the main designers of the last versions :
    15m2 SNS – 4mR
    Seb Schmidt designs: Sébastien Schmidt
    Ruedi Stadelman designs : Ruedi Stadelmann

    The "12 m2 du Havre" are lighter (650 to 700 kg, ballast ~ 50%) , keel line is mandatory "lonk keel one" although detached rudder is authorized, and sails area are ruled to 12 m2 (fore and main triangles). Built mostly strip planking by amateur builders.
  8. BluePearl
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    I used to sail a lake racer with quite the same dimensions L 7.2m weight 550kg, but is more performant und really fun to sail.
    Class 2M from France with some adaptations. Boat is sailing on Lake Zurich Switzerland. Look at the new engineered uptip mainsail, like the 18footers have.

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  9. Dolfiman
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    Thanks BluePearl, she is a beautiful smart modern design by Antoine Fritsch, launched in 2008 with the support of a sailing club on the river Seine, the Yacht Club Ile de France :
    Loa : 7.2 m, Boa : 1.5 m - Draft : 1.6 m / 0.42m - Light weight : 500kg (from the site here below,) of which 220kg of keel-bulb
    SA : 24 m2 (Jib : 7.3 m2 - Main: 16.7 m2).
    The keel is a lifting one, as well as the rudder-helm, a sub-system inserted in a well (as we can see on the second video).
    Class 2M | YCIF

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