does this guy back his motorcycle down the launch ramp???

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Squidly-Diddly, Oct 16, 2012.

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  2. Red Dwarf
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    Hilarious. He is making do with what he has. I would keep away from ramps though, they are usually too slick.
  3. upchurchmr
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    Looks like a Harley, don't think any of the models have reverse.
    Its not too hard to paddle with your feet to go back on a slope, I haven't tried is with a trailer.

    If it was a Honda Gold Wing, they have an actual reverse gear.

    Slippery ramps might be a problem, for sure.
  4. Squidly-Diddly
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    I don't think you need reverse, just use brakes and roll backwards.

    My guess is he pulls parallel to water and parks bike and manually slides boat back little to clear trailer wheel, rotates boat 90' on trailer and launches boat.....because those cheap $300 trailers don't have marine bearings...and pulling sideways, while tricky on slick ramp, seems doable.

    Of course this setup has me thinking about my PWC/Motorcycle combo/hybrid again. It got some criticism from hi-performance riders as far as traffic safety, but this rig shows what people will do with motorcycles as far as handling awkward loads on American streets....just ride nice and easy. And don't get me started on what they do in the Third World, which would be a target purpose for yacht based PWC/motorcycle.
  5. jonr
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    Rotomolded boats - you could drop it on the pavement and slide it to the water.
  6. Milehog
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    Reverse gears are available for Harleys. The issue would be controlling the rig backing down the ramp. With both feet on the ground only the front brake would be available for use. At most only 1/3 of the total weight will be on the front tire.

  7. kerosene
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    Yeah as Milehog says no rear braking while reversing downhill would suck. Better to have in 1st and use clutch in addition to the front brake for control and just walk the bike backwards.

    I melted my rear brake hose going over rockies (on jeep trail mountain passes). Usuyally rear brake is not used that much but it was annoying for those moments when things go wrong and have to stop in steep uphill as front has very little traction when nose is up - and direction backwards.

    That boat looks like its easy enough to muscle to water if trailer is just parked near.
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