DNV Ship Motions Calculator (TheNavalArch)

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    TheNavalArch launches the DNV Ship Motions Calculator.


    The design of critical foundations and other structures on a ship requires an assessment of the motions and accelerations of the vessel when it is in operation. DNV Ship Rules (Part 3, Ch 4) provides empirical formulae to calculate these motions and accelerations.

    • This application can be used to calculate the design motions and accelerations of a vessel based on DNV ship rules
    • The resulting values can be used for structural design and fatigue assessment
    • The motions and accelerations can also be used for calculating accelerations on a cargo in a real transportation operation, and is expected to provide conservative values compared to a full blown motions analysis
    • Accelerations can be obtained at COG or at any other point of interest; envelope accelerations can also be obtained
    For more information click the picture above, or the link below:

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