distant hull contruction / interior question

Discussion in 'Metal Boat Building' started by seaslug, May 23, 2008.

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    I am looking at Van De Stadt 34 multichine steel. Anyone know of Houston TX USA region or gulf coast for the job?

    How difficult would it be at same time to build interior joinery and electrics and plumbing 500 miles away from hull construction, and intall interior after hull completion to motoring stage? Rigging will be contracted out.

    I was thinking to make a plywood mockup of hull for distant interior construction.

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    had built a few. Easy boats to build and assemble - I had put a hull together from scratch within 3 days flat (not welded) and the whole hull & deck completely welded, sandblasted and prime coated in 18 working days. Deck takes a bit of time as it is not developed panels as the hull.
    This should give you an idea of time scale you are looking at if you give this to a professional builder - perhaps a day or three longer to be fair.

    The interior on these boats are also very simple and straight forward to put together and the plans from v/d Stadt the best I had ever came across....

    Good luck with you project and I suggest you have a look at my webpage (link below) and browse through the menus and you will see a Stadt34 or two from first plates laid to sail-a-way.
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    Interior & Hull Mock Up

    instead of mocking the hull in wood I'd suggest finding a CAD service to accurately model the hull. Then you can output a set of 'jigs' or fixtures representing only those points of the hull needed to anchor or mount joinery.

    I'd image this to be far less costly and more servicable because an open sided plywood fixture would be infinitely less time consuming to build on than to construct the same joinery INSIDE a hull regardless if it were a plywood mockup.

    By using some adjustable tab attachments in planes of the frames/longs or tabs you could allow the joiners to build with screwed attachments and switch to bolts when you install the modules into the hull.

    just seems like a lot of work when CAD modeling might make for less cost and more production?


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    Personally, I have found that it is preferable to build the interior into the shell, rather than to try to build separately, then install. no vessel is 100% consistent to it's design & fit & finish can be very much compromised by building separately. I just finished working on the construction of a commercial passenger/vehicle ferry, at Vancouver Shipyards Ltd., and most of the delays in construction were due to having to re-fit sections/components that were built in different locations. If you have no choice, however, just keep in contact with the hull/deck builder to ensure that the measurements are consistant. Perhaps, another method would be to wait until the shell is built, then template, & build to the templates.
    Hope this helps.
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