Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by lewisboats, Sep 28, 2009.

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  2. Splash Gordon
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    That's not right and fair! You're NOT to tease the poor folks like us who only ever get to clap eyes on plastic boats- your pics are like the Swimsuit Edition for teenage boys!
    Looks like a million bucks, and clearly only to be enjoyed by consenting adults- well done!
    What's she made of?
    Does she have a sister yet?
  3. Clinton B Chase
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    More information, please!

    What are the dimensions? Weight? Who's design and who built it? Are lines available?

    Looks like a Dyer.

  4. Scott Carter
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    I really like the flames. Does she have a V8? If you got the boat out of the way we could see her better.
    Nah, just kidding. Please do give us some more details though. I'm particularly interested in the finish. Gorgeous to say the least, a job well done. Is she glassed?
  5. Manie B
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  6. lewisboats
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    Well folks...sad to say...it isn't mine. When I went to look at and subsequently buy the Thompson Lapstrake runabout this past Sunday, the gentleman who sold me the boat had this in his toy shed. Some shed...'bout 60' wide by 100 or so long, filled with all kinds of goodies (like the truck in the background).

    Tucked in the back was this little dink which, of course, caught my eye immediately. It was made in the 40's by the Hughes Corporation (read Howard Hughes when still alive and functional) and is of Hot Molded construction out of veneers. I believe the Spruce Goose is of similar construction. That is all I know about it except that he restored it and the coating is strictly varnish...many many coats of varnish. Sure wish I could get to try it out but I don't know when it last actually saw water. I was really short on time so I had to get down to the main business of why I was there. Next year he has a boat in the annual wooden boat show in Okoboji and I will try to catch up with him and get more info...along with pics of the boats of course :)

  7. messabout
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    Scrumptious little boat looks something like the hot molded shapes made by Nova Scotia Molded Shapes. They held forth in the 50s and sixties. That firm furnished shells to numerous builders whose names you might remember. Yellow Jacket and several others. I bought a few of the shells back then and built some decent boats. They were light, strong, and had delightfully clean interiors. I suppose that the company suffered from the emergence of fiberglass and the infectuous spread of conventional wisdom that held that FRP was better. Aaah Nostalgia.
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