Dinghy 13 ft with bi-convex sections option

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    An example of a rule with a "floating" rise of floor measurement is the International Sailing Canoe Rule set: http://www.intcanoe.org/sharedimages/documents/icf_canoe_sailing_rules_tracked_changes_2017.pdf

    The actual measurement rules are Appendix 2 and the rise of floor rule is 5d and 5e

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    Following the fruitful exchanges we had within this thread, I did an upgraded version of the Gene-Hull VE Dinghy application (just posted in the Software forum) where I introduced an additionnal shaping option to generate these bi-convex or convex-concav shapes for the hull sections subject of this thread. As illustration, I did also a lot of examples within the theme of a 14' solo dinghy, covering a wide variety of typical designs (so including some non conventionnal ones thanks to the shaping option), which I am pleased to share with you here attached.

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