Different plywood epoxy laminating question

Discussion in 'Materials' started by ken.H, Nov 21, 2010.

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    Hello All-
    I have a question about a wood lamination. It’s not boat-related, but there is a great depth of knowledge here.

    It is for a large aquarium, L 48”x W 24” x H 48”

    I need to fabricate wood panels to match or exceed the strength of 19mm float plate glass. 19mm plate glass is the proper thickness for my project. Basically wood epoxy box with front glass viewing panel

    ¾ plywood panel wrapped with 6 oz. cloth / epoxy all four sides

    2 layers of ¾ ply laminated together with epoxy and wrapped with 6 oz. cloth / epoxy all four sides

    2 layers of ¾ ply laminated together with 6.0 oz. cloth between the laminated ¾ plywood 6.0 oz. cloth one side of the panel – inside

    It would be greatly appreciated if you could point me in the right direction

  2. mark775

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    There is a guy named Boston on this forum that does this. He'll get to you, I'm sure. Sounds robust to me.
  3. alan white
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    No fiberglass is needed except fg tape at seams/corners. 3/4" is adequate for the sides and back. All surfaces inside and out should be coated with at least 3 coats of epoxy (a "coat" would be a maximum thickness that would not sag on a vertical surface).
    A beefy vertical framing member would be needed at the two front corners to stiffen the plywood sides. A frame member (e.g. a 2" x 2") also should run along the top edge inside or out along the back and sides.
    The two rear vertical corners can be fg taped with a fillet inside and a radius outside so the tape takes the corner smoothly. No frame required there.
    If the back were braced with an intermediate external frame, 1/2" plywood would be fine.
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