Diesel repower fitment? cummins m470 in '84 chris craft commander 315

Discussion in 'Powerboats' started by alterego_k, Aug 2, 2011.

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    Diesel repower fitment? twin cummins v470m in '84 chris craft commander 315

    Ahoy all, I'm new to the forum. Your advice is greatly appreciated. I have a need to repower pickeled mercruiser 454's (330hp) in my '84 Chris Craft commander 315. I have an opportunity to pick up a matching complete pair of Cummins v470m V-8 diesels (naturals) with the exact C72 trannys & ratios as my current power plantsm with props. I've reasearched the basics for repower conversions and it seems simple enough, for a slightly advanced mechanical background. The v470m's are from 1968 (difficult to find parts?) and came out of a 1968 eggharbor pacemaker 37'. 1200 hours, no leaks, running condition.

    My questions are:
    Is this a feasible replacement option for the chris craft commander 315 at 12,000 lbs and 2.5' displacement?
    Will the motor mounts and engine depth clear the bulkhead without mount modification?
    Will It require driveshaft modification?
    Approximate expected cruising speeds & RPM?
    How reliable are these engines and how difficult to find parts?
    Besides alum. tank clean, hose replacement, water/fuel filter, riser/exhaust plumbing, remote fuel cutoff, what else have I missed?
    Many thanks for your help!
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    As I see it you are looking to replace 27 year old engines with a pair of 43 year old engines... Am I missing something here?
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    Hello Stumble. Yes, you are correct. The gas powered mercruiser 454's are salt flooded, & unmolested for 5 years. Portside engine was definitely under salt water as the craft was leaning on that side, halfway off its trailer, after hurricane. The starboard side engine is questionable at this point. Which is why I'm doing my recon on repowering options. This is where I came across really inexpensive diesel power plants, the v470m naturals, a matching pair with velvetdrives, shaft, props, gauges, starters, alternators, heat exchangers, basically everything except the risers. Only 1200 hours. I can get BOTH diesel engines, with drives, for nearly the same price as only 1 of the common used mercruiser 454 gasers, without drives. Sounds like a no brainer, too good to be true?. This is why I'm asking for opinions and info. Sure, they're 43 years old, but obviously very reliable and well constructed. Things were built much differently in 1968. The craft they were pulled from suffered hull damage & was scrapped for its mahogany wood. I've had luck finding rebuild kits for the v470 (non marine, tractor version) & wet exhaust manifolds for the v470m (marine version). ....

    **** update**** i just had a cummins parts guy research & reference the v407m, v504, & v555. There are important parts that are obsolete & unavailable, i.e., water pump. I'm bailing on the v470m's and going back with the 454 gasers. Thanks anyway.
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