Diesel/electric engine for big cat

Discussion in 'Hybrid' started by guerreiroazul, Jul 18, 2010.

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    I think we might have a difference of terminology only. I would consider Diesel-Electric to be a hybrid since it is a combination of two technologies. By your response, I'm guessing that you feel that batteries are required to properly call it a hybrid system. I don't really have a problem with that.

    Also, on the tour of the Healy, they described getting into 14' thick ice this summer, and having to nibble through the ice by running forward and back. They were not ramming the ice exactly, but rather, they needed to back up and get a run at the ice in order to drive enough of the ship up on top of the ice to break it. From my reading of books about polar exploration, I had thought that this was fairly common practice.
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    It is a fairly common practice:an acquaintance served on an icebreaker,and that is what he told me-but Apex knows better.

    I never said anything about ramming,and don't know how he got it in there.

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    Does not matter if you say so or not West.

    Going back and forth is known as boxing or ramming, and not very successful. The better way is to choose a different route when ever possible. Quite often the conditions are much different just a few meters away from the first path.

    And YES, apex knows better! I made my commercial licenses on Icebreakers in the Baltic Sea. Being a master in command of such vessel, gives some insight at least.;)

    Here I dare to differe. A hybrid is a combination of two different propulsion systems, imho. Here we dont have a combination, D/E is just ONE propulsion.
    If there would be a way to move the vessel by Diesel or El. only, then I would say we have a Hybrid.

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