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Discussion in 'Boatbuilding' started by Alexandre, Aug 15, 2011.

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    Alexandre New Member


    My name is Alexandre and I live in Quebec and I want to build a boat but would like your opinion on the model that could be appropriate for me.

    I want a model kit available
    boat trailer
    with retractable keel
    I is not much of manufacturing experience (I just made ​​a kayak SG)
    and I want to use my boat to sail with the kids.

    The model that I find most interesting is the Didi 26 of dixdesign
    When you think of?

    Thank you for your answer future
  2. tunnels

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    Hi thats one cool looking boat !! 26 Feet is a nice size and should be easy to sail ! The slide /drop bulb keel is a good feature and makes it trailerable Having had a simular kind of boat from years back i'd be looking at a electric winch system to raise and lower with ,The weight could be slow going with a hand winch . Easy to fit stop switchs for up and down If you are having a out board auxilary with a electric charging circut / could also insert a couple of Solar panels in the cabin top and one in the main hatch to top up the battery/s while saling ,also used for lighting etc etc .:D
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    Alexandre, I am also looking at starting on a similar project and will probably go with the Didi 26. The other one I am considering is the VG23 from Jacques Mertens. Both Jacques and Dudley design very good sailboats and support their builders extremely well.
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