Designers and Naval architects--help understand the business model

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Sam I Am, Jul 7, 2021.

  1. Sam I Am
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    Sam I Am New Member

    Hi all

    Looking to get some insight into industry-standard, I'm sure it exists, for the way naval architects bill for designing custom vessels--30-50' recreational monos and catamarans.

    Or would love to get feedback from owners that have experience from going this route with a custom build.

    For this purpose, let's assume a project for a 40' cruising catamaran with plenty of input from a client.

    Thanks in advance, Sam
  2. Alik
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    This will double the bill, I think ;)

    There are many factors:
    - contents of design set - how detailed is the design?
    - what is actually included in the design services - is the supervision included? Meetings with end user?
    - tank testing, CFD for hull, etc.?
    - is the naval architect working from scratch, or using third-party 3D? For us, use of third party 'designs' will make our work more expensive (and most likely we will not touch it, as bringing it to reality will cause 'same-not same' disucssion).
    - what is the team setup - say, is the external inteiror designer involved, and how the changes he is making effect the work of naval archiotect?
    - certification required, say some classification societies can be difficult to work with, some are easy.
    - type of craft - naval and commercial craft require more paperwork and are more expensive to design
    - experience of designer with the type of craft in question
    - availability of close prototype
    - 'name' of designer in the indusrty
    - etc.
  3. Sam I Am
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    Sam I Am New Member

    "plenty of input from a client" HAHA.
    I had a mate that owns a very large post-production/3D studio. He once said to me he was thinking of a new business model: "the initial scope is free, just pay me for the changes"

    Thanks for the reply and expected as much. Let me revert soon to your comments.
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