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    Avenger Yachts is a newly formed company created to supply innovative designed Sportsyachts to the growing global luxury yacht market. Currently underway is the first 50m luxury sports yacht. Avenger Yachts is part of the expanding Strategic Marine Group, with over 40 years of commercial design and build experience and commercial yards in Australia, Singapore and Vietnam.
    A design and management team is being setup and there is a requirement for a Design Manager to be a part of this exciting project and team. The role is located in Perth Western Australia ()
    The purpose of the role is to effectively undertake and manage the design process to ensure the design meets the owners requirements, the vessel specification and the requirements and the classification society. Working with the yacht concept designer the applicant will be responsible for overseeing the design and development of the vessel for the project and then subsequently manage and coordinate the design team to create of detailed production drawings and information. The role will also require interaction with production supervisors and external subcontracts.

    Qualifications and Experience
    The following are requirements for the job

    - At least 4+ years experience in design of vessels with a length between 20-80m (Approximately 65ft-260ft)
    - At least 2-5 years design experience of luxury motor yachts.
    - Formal Qualifications in Naval Architecture or Marine Engineering
    - Experience with classification society rules and approvals (Preferably Lloyds)
    - Experience with managing people/coordinating design/project teams
    - Experience in aluminium ship construction
    - Yacht operational experience

    Personal Qualities/IT Skills
    - Excellent communication skills in spoken and written English
    - Excellent interpersonal skills
    - Good organisation and planning skills and able to work to tight deadlines
    - Have an eye for detail
    - Good Microsoft office skills (Word, Excel)
    - Basic skills in the use of 2D AutoCAD and Microsoft project desirable

    If you are interested in the above role, please email Peter Gawan-Taylor at or contact me on +61 8 9437 4840
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