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    I am a Recruiter and I am looking for a Design Engineer and Engineer Manager for a Boat Manufacturing Client. Each of these individuals should have your basic Mechanical Engineering background - one will be a hands-on manager and the other will be a direct report to the manager. I wanted to network with you to see if you may know of someone that maybe a good fit for this type of role. I have included a little more detail below and I appreciate any insight you may be able to give me on this position. The location will be Missouri.

    Feel free to email me with any referrals.

    Engineer Manager/Project Engineer

    Perform the engineering function in the development and manufacture of high quality marine and outdoor recreational product. Implement product, concept through engineering, design and specification. This includes concept interpretation, prototype development, tooling design, tooling fabrication, manufacturing process planning, and manufacturing engineering and production.

    Engineer product for manufacturability to maximize efficiency, yields, production and profit.

    Help develop and introduce new designs to manufacturing from product development in a timely manner.

    Design, prototype, and introduce to manufacturing, mechanical, electrical, hydraulic or any other types of systems needed to meet market product requirements.

    Manage product development and tooling programs including production piloting.

    Characterize and optimize product development and manufacturing processes used within the company with an eye to evolving to new, more efficient processes.

    Use state of the art CAD, CAE and CAM computer software and methods for product development.
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    I am naval architect and I and I would be interested in help you with your designs via internet or other form. Please email me for more details to
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    work possibilities

    I am a qualified naval architect and would be glad to discuss the matter further
    contact email

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    As a Naval Architect here in North Vancouver, I might be useful for your trimaran project through Rhino 3.0 installed on my PC-home.
    I currently work for two aluminum and fiberglass boatbuilder in N.Van and Langley. You could reach me at:
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    engineer slot


    It sounds like you're looking for more of an "engineering" type than a pure naval architect.

    If so, drop me a line.
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    Attached is my resume, and included at the end of this message is a letter of recommendation from a previous employer. My qualifications speak for themselves. Relocating is not problem, if the position is still avaliable please feel free to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.
    Rick Ebeirus

    To Whom it May Concern:

    I've been Rick Ebeirus’ Engineering Manager at Tracker Marine for almost five years.
    It was my pleasure to work directly with Rick for four of those five years in the
    Research and Development Department. He consistently meets and often exceeds
    his job requirements.

    Rick is an excellent welder and his initiative and willingness to learn has also allowed
    him to become a proficient, self taught tool and die maker. He is one of the best jig and fixture designer/builders I have ever had the privilege of working with. He gets the job
    done right the first time and he takes pride in doing so. He is efficient in planning projects, punctual in meeting deadlines, and conscientiously adheres to company standards and guidelines.

    Rick is an enthusiastic, dedicated employee with reliable work habits. He is a hard working individual and I have found him to be dedicated, honest and trustworthy in all cases.
    He often does not need guidance or supervision, but willingly accepts it when offered.
    He is consistently successful in improving his skills, and he works hard to do so.

    You'd be hard pressed to find an employee more dedicated than Rick, and I recommend
    him as a rock-solid addition to your company he possesses skills and talent that would
    be a great asset to your business.


    Larry Lillard

    Larry Lillard
    Engineering Manager,

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    To Whom it May Concern:

    I am writing to you to present myself and enquire about job openings as shown on I am a graduate of June 2003 from Southampton Institute with a Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in Yacht and Powercraft Design. Please find my CV attached as a Mircosoft Word 2000 document.

    My studies have equipped me with the skills required to work on the design of a large range of small crafts and adapt to meet the requirements of the large industry of naval architecture. These skills have been proven and practiced with a number of projects due in my studies. They include the initial concept development of a 60ft dive and surf motor vessel from a client’s brief, preliminary structural design of a US Coast Guard Patrol Boat and preliminary design of a 45ft IRM monohull racing yacht, undertaken as a final year project. I would be very willing to provide examples of my work and cad drawings for you to view.

    My experience working in a wide range of position for a large supermarket chain has given me the customer service and communication skill necessary to work with clients, builders and all those involved in a project from commission through to launch. I hold Graduate membership of the Royal Institution of Naval Architects.

    Thank you, in advance, for taking the time to review my CV. I would be more then will to answer any questions that you may have and l look forward to having the opportunity to discuss my employment enquiry.

    Yours Sincerely
    Mr Colin J Dengate

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    please reply to this its a personnal email didnt know how to get in touch
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