Delftship: importing text files and or table of offsets

Discussion in 'Software' started by chandler, Feb 16, 2009.

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    chandler Senior Member

    Before I convert my offsets to metric I want to make sure the format I'm using is something you are familiar with.
    My spread sheet would look something like, Aft, sta.s 10-0, bow, on top.
    On the left, base to rail, base to butts, base to rabbet, base to skeg keel.
    The second set would be half breadths.
    Top of spread sheet would be, aft to sta.s 10-0, bow.
    The left side would be deck rail from center line, w.l. 2- minus 2, width of skeg keel at each sta.
    Would that work for you?
    So far my biggest problem has been adding the keel and stem to the mix.

    I am trying to load your offsets now, been a bit busy lately.
  2. Guest625101138

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    Open up the hull file that I posted earlier. This is the format needed to import as "surfaces" into Delftship or Freeship.

    They have first row with a zero.

    The blocks of data is for each station. The data I have is for a long slender hull with stations spaced 0.5m.

    The coordinates are longitudinal, beamwise and vertical. They are only half-stations as they are assummed symmetrical. Hence all values are positive. The hull is set with the stern at zero. This hull has a canoe stern. It is actually for a proa so I think it is symmetrical fore and aft as well although I have not checked this.

    So you should be able to import the hull file and look at that hull remeber to set the dimensions after importing so you get the bodyplan view to show fore and aft stations right and left.
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    ancient kayaker aka Terry Haines

    As mentioned in post #20 I obtained the lines of J. Henry Rushton’s 1893 canoe “Wee Lassie” from the Adirondack Museum some time back and put them into a spreadsheet. I was able to import these into FreeShip with no problems. I'm not sure why I was having problems as the file looks the same as I tried before.

    At present I cannot get plank developments from FreeShip because I left all the points in place so the program thinks it has to deal with 70+ planks, but all I need do is edit out the points that are not "knuckles" leaving just those that lie on the seams. Also I managed to omit the stems but that's easy enough to fix.

    Thanks again!

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    I just found this thread.Its attempting to thrash out the same issues so bst to stick with this one maybe.
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