Dehler 36 SQ

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    tamkvaitis sailor/amateur designer

    At the moment I am waiting for new boat and as you know from the topic title it will be dehler 36 sq. So what do you think about this boat? Has anyone of you sailed one?

    LOA 35.93'
    LWL 32.64'
    Beam 11.78'
    Draft 6.49'
    Displacement 13,668 lbs
    Ballast 5,203 lbs
    Shoal 6,085 lbs
    Mast Height 56.70'
    I 48.39'
    J 13.91'
    P 46.59'
    E 16.24'
    Sail Area – std 715 sq ft
    SA/D 20.01
    D/L 175
    IMS GPH 639

    Judel/Vrolijk Design

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    Congratulations, Tamkvaitis!
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