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    I have a 14ft.alum MirroCraft.Its a v bottom and id like to make it flat with carpeted plywood.Can anyone refer me to info on how to do this? I need details on how to make the supports to how to measure the plywood for cutting(its wider in the rear and tapers to the front)Same issue i have with making a template for the front deck(front seat to the point) can figure out how to make a template because its basically a triangle but with rounded sides(that probably made no sense :confused: Ill attach a pic) Anyway thanks for your time and any info/websites sent will be appreciated.

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    Templates: I often use stiff cardboard, not too thick. Mark roughly, cut, fit, trim, fit, trim, fit until you're satisfied.
    I see a rot/mildew issue cropping up, potentially- you can't allow water to collect anywhere under the new sole, and everything you add will need to be treated with appropriate rot proofing (some folks like to use really pricey wood, others use pressure treated, various coatings, or fibreglass/resin encapsulation.)

    Edit note- this does appear to be in the wrong subforum.....
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    becareful to only install the floor below the exsisting seats.
    not on top of the as i've seen done this puts the center of gravity to
    high. removal of the exsisting seat is a good idea, as this lets you put
    seat on pedistals. just some toughts.
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