Deck below waterline

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    That's a long story, several designers during design stages. Now we have what we have(

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    Attached is some explanation for 12217 note that they are on version 2015 Stability.pdf\

    Note also on page 11 that option 6 refers to inboard installation only but your profile shows that it is an outboard

    It also appears that there are three ways to make a boat compliant, flotation, high freeboard midship and bow, (are you not compliant in this regard?) or a partially decked hull.

    I think that if you are investing the money or have invested the money to build moulds etc for this boat you need a clarification of the requirements. Rather than rely on your interpretation or mine

    My take, and you will see a comment further in the paper about location of self contained recesses, is they are trying to deal with closed recesses in the front half of the boat that need to be either self draining or drained to bilge. As per your quote in your initial thread "entirely contained within LH/2 of the bow shall either be quick-draining (overboard) or drain to the bilge"

    If you could forward the ISO document it might help in the discussion. I could not find the entire 2015 document available without buying it
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