Daggerboard design and construction

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    Hello everyone. I have a stiletto 27 with what I assume is the original daggerboard. It is quite heavy, glass is showing in a couple spots, and the trailing edge is chipped. This is the single daggerboard model, the board is inserted in a slot through the deck between the two hulls and supported near the waterline by a steel frame. Its about 6ft long total with 4 ft below the waterline. http://www.sailingtexas.com/Pics2/picstiletto27100c.jpg

    I figure for the foil section I will use something basic like a NACA 0009 or 0012.

    What I really need advice with the schedule and the construction details. Am I correct that I want like 80+% of the fibers to be running spanwise, and then one or two layers of mat for better surface finish and easier painting (and extra reinforcement for the wear areas and the point load where the frame supports it. How do I know how much glass is enough?

    I wanted to use a foam core and vacuum bagging. Is it reasonable to just shape the foam by hand with a power plane and check it against a reference curve? I'm not looking to be spoonfed, just for a little bit of feedback. If anyone knows any resources that go over these things I would be happy to read them.
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