CVT transmission design by BitRaptor working only with spokets -high efficiency

Discussion in 'Propulsion' started by Mr_CVT, Jun 25, 2014.

  1. Mr_CVT
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    Mr_CVT New Member

    My name Edyson Pavilcu and I am the manager of BitRaptor (Italy).
    I am writing regarding my invention that I have made, and that could have a great importance for your business.

    In fact it is a continuously variable transmission CVT gear (spur/pinions) only, very compact and lightweight, and
    which could replace the current systems both for efficiency, semplicity and not least for the costs.

    In the web page you will find more explanations, drawings and a short
    video of a basic prototype.

    With the appropriate configuration, the continuously variable transmission CVT Edyson can transmit any ratio and any torque, with high efficiency (around 97%).

    Other possible applications CVT design by BitRaptor are: bicycles, motorcycles, cars, scooters, gearboxes for electric motors, steam and wind turbine, as well as a large number of industrial or agriculture applications whenever is necessary some adjustment of the gear ratio.

    The Edyson CVT can seem complex but it has only few components that reduces the cost and usability issues. For sure, and a lot less expensive and less complex than an actual gearbox solution.

    We are an design company, and we prefer to license our patented technology.
    Naturally we offer within the license the know how and design support to develop the CVT technology forward.

    If this idea can find utility in your future projects, do not hesitate to contact me for any further detail.


    Edyson Pavilcu
  2. gonzo
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    gonzo Senior Member

    The sales pitch ignores basic engineering principles. For example that "there are no mechanical parts that have slippage". The teeth of gears slide on each other when the gear turns. Also, you claim 97% efficiency which is what average gears get. Can you explain how it is cheaper than a standard marine gear? For example, compare it with the price of a Velvet Drive.
  3. NoahWannabe
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    NoahWannabe Junior Member

    Welcome CVT, geared continuously variable transmission is a noble idea. You may make your presentation easier for marine application for this forumites to digest easier including corrosion resistance. Best wishes.
  4. Yobarnacle
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    Yobarnacle Senior Member holding true course

    hope the transmission works better than bike video. video is 0 byte null file.
  5. upchurchmr
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    upchurchmr Senior Member

    If it is patent protected, lets see the patent number.

    I've seen a number of these and the operation is always obscured, understandable if it is not patent protected.
  6. gonzo
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    gonzo Senior Member

    It looks like a clever idea. However, all they have is a sales pitch. There is no experimental data to back their claims.

  7. NoahWannabe
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    For those whom haven't went through the patenting process, patenting is an expensive process. One need to apply and obtain patent in each country. Each country will cost $2-3k in fee alone. Add patent attorney fee, translation fee and other minor fees in major markets, you are looking at easy million for applications alone. I could understand inventor's reluctance to divulge all his details. This is hard to do, an inventor needs to protect his invention while publicize his invention for revenue. Large corporations usually don't license new technologies and wait until Intellectual Property becomes a bargain priced. Most inventions don't have immediate ready market.
    However, if we want more inventions and more advancements then we should help new inventors and give them some understanding of difficulties they face.

    CVT, you need to find some marketing help. Your presentation needs some focus to identify target and focus your marketing for the target markets. If marine market is NOT your target market then don't scatter your resources by teasing us. If it is then provide some pertinent data. I know I may be stating the obvious Marketing 101 stuff, but if you need inexpensive marketing help, then work with University Business School. Many times they can provide minimal marketing collaterals by students looking for real life projects. Discuss with Business School professors.
    Looking forward to a clear product information sheet/pdf/webpage with features and benefits explained. Be truthful and best wishes!
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