Custom Teak & Teak Cabin Side Repair for 1964 Rhodes Reliant on Gulf Coast?

Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by SV_Lutalica, Feb 24, 2021.

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    Yeah. That boat got neglected on the varnish work along the way somewhere. But is a couple years older than me and my back is shot which is not cosmetics.

    So, I get it now, there isn't room for bungs. Sorry I was slow on that.

    what about redoing the screws proud with cup washers? I think it'd look better woth bronze screws and cups bedded in butyl, but that is just me...sometimes embracing the screw, rather than a bad attempt to hide looks better...varnish work would be trickier around them, but no more than now

    or, add veneer

    or like OP said, remove the screws; shoot or trowel epoxy or putty under the edges or into the hole and bung no fastener heads....probably bung the same time like a bonded bung..if it fails really bad and delams; you can use the epoxy injection method I mentioned...the part that sucks about this idea is a lot of the bungs and holes around them look kinda bad and if you ever want the major repair; you'll have a bad time in these epoxied areas

    all a bit of a crapshoot at this point versus the redo

    ps-the scrapers I use with a heat gun are made from sharpened 6mm requires great care and attention, but as things look now; a single scorch mark would be nothing
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