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    I started out working for the Gillikin family on Harkers Island 13 years ago. I completed a 28' hull for Carolinian Boatworks last year . Google their web site there are lots of pics of the style of boat I build. (The man listed on the site as the builder is not me, he was my partner).
    In the 4 years befor that I design and "cut out" the hulls for 6 boats for Gillikin Custom Boats of Harkers Island, from 24' to 44'. And built a 24' foot hull for a charter boat captian in Key West.
    I have "numbers" for hulls up to 46' and can get "numbers" for anything larger.
    I've worked with and have learned a lot from Jim Luxton "the brains behind Jarret Bay Boatworks".
    I have also worked for Outer Banks Boatworks, Chadwick, and Eastbay.
    I need a need a new project. I am willing to travel. Call my any time at 910-367-1882.

    Bryan Robinson
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