"Current Situation" DIY Efficient Solar/Electric Powered Newport 17 Project

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by ElectroDanO, Jan 1, 2021.

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    Yeah I don't know about the prices... I've looked on alibaba and there seem to be wholesale prices of 2.5€/kg if you buy 120kg of PMMA sheets. That would be 6€/m² plus shipping and taxes. Maybe it's a racket if you try to buy it here, or maybe prices is the reason we don't see acrylic solar panels.

    And nice rendering! I just replied to your thread.
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    1 HP is about 746 W. A small sailboat like that could be cruised with a 5 HP motor.
    Energy from the sun is 1360 W per square meter. Solar panels are 15 to 20 % efficient, so you would need about 16 square meters of solar panels for a leisurely cruise.
    An electric-sail hybrid would be the best combination. There may be a way to recharge the batteries dragging a prop or paddle-wheel while under sail.
    Electric motors are more efficient with higher voltage, and batteries work better when they are cooler; so several parallel banks of a series of batteries ( 120 V total) will help. A boost type DC-DC converter may be needed.
    The 12 volt trolling motor will not take much higher voltage; so a brushless, DC motor designed for at least 120VDC is needed. See if you can find a 7 to 10 HP motor and retrofit it with an electric motor to the shaft.
    Be sure to give the motor, electric drive stage, and batteries enough vented air to avoid overheating.
    Batteries will last longer if stored at 40 degF and 40% charge. Once a month "charge" them for 5 minutes to replenished what trickled out.
    Don't store a fully charged battery.
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