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Discussion in 'Diesel Engines' started by maj, Aug 28, 2013.

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    Hi everyone, I have a cummins qsm 11 670 HO and was wondering if this can be converted to a commercial and anybody any idea what would be involved.

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    I have two HO in mine.

    It's the same internals,just with higher boost and more fuel and reprogrammed ecu.
    They use unit injectors and not the common rail/piezos so they are cheap.
    Best bet is talk to a Cummins tech and/or

    Either way,they'll last a very very long time-25k-30k hours- in lower hp form.

    Only issues with them are:

    -exhausts can leak a bit after 5-10k hours. Just tiny black soot marks on the engine. Ignore.
    -coolant resevoir bracket can crack. Replace.
    -oil seepage on the gear case. Replace or ignore.
    -use Cummins air filters only.Others may fall apart and wreck the engine.

    Baffling to me why other guys with other engines- with known major issues-insist their engines are better.:confused:
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