Crusader 454 repower

Discussion in 'Gas Engines' started by rrrwel, Feb 28, 2010.

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    Got a pair of 1988 Gen 1V 454 Crusaders in a 37' bridge boat that I'm looking to repower.Of course like everyone else a bit more performance would be desireable. First looked at new 8.1's but after running the numbers I really can't justify the cost.

    I know I can throw in a couple of long blocks but I'm not improving my performance. I would spend some extra if there's a reliable alternative.

    I spoke with the guys over at and they claim they can bring my current engines up to 425 HP with more torque and better fuel economy. They back it up with a 7 year or 500 hr warranty. Has anyone had any experience with these guys? Can this performance really be acheived on a Gen 1V 454? Almost sounds too good to be true so I'm a bit skeptical, but I only maintain my engines I don't know anything about building them.

    Suggestions welcome.

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    There are a lot of companies on the net who "remanufacture" V 8 marine engines including Crusader who offer a 5.7 L re-build. Get a bid and have them list what they are going to do and what parts they are supplying. New aluminum heads and fuel injection alone will give you 40-50 more HP. Crusaders secret are the quality of the parts they use. Write them and ask what they suggest.

    My last bid on a 6.0 Crusader with 375 hp was $ 11,432.00 and that was a year ago. I know I can substantully beat that bid today.
    Here is another link.
    And one more both reliable. 454/7.1 are the same engine.

    I just looked over their site (454 marine) and they appear to be on the up and up. Ask for references.
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