"CRUDE" oil, an absolute must see program !!!

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    Hi to all,

    Christmas is a good day to take a break from all the "stuff" that's kept me from this forum for the past few months, and drop in to send sincere good wishes to my friends here, who seem to have a far greater grasp of the dangers facing the world than the self-centered imbeciles who so freely spend our money, as well as that of our great grand-children.

    The parallels between the present day US and the latter days of the Roman Empire are so scary:

    Wealth accumulated through world trade supported by a peaceful hegemony obtained after military defeat of threatening empires.

    Military forays into into meaningless conflicts with minor powers sap the treasury while reducing respect for the military at the highest levels of government.

    The higher social and economic classes stop sending their children into the military, changing it from a reflection of the society it protects into a force of soldiers from the lower economic classes protecting the privileged few.

    Industry, even the arms industry, declines as it becomes easier and cheaper to import material and manufactured goods.

    In a world devoid of major military threats and filled with cheap imported goods, craftsmanship and employment decline. The masses become addicted to entertainment, which becomes a massive industry. Individual entertainers become more revered than those who build great works or defend the empire, as the masses confuse fame with worth.

    Meanwhile, corruption spreads through both the upper classes and the government. Greed, unchecked by strong laws, replaces interest in the good of the empire as the legislature increasingly becomes the pawn of those who contribute the most to the legislators.

    The leaders of various other societies realize that the great empire has become weak, its people addicted to entertainment and cheap imported goods. They begin to expand their own empires, winning small victories over time, growing in strength as the great empire becomes weaker. Til one day ....

    Aaaaaah, it's a sorry view of the future, but I have faith that we may yet stem the tide. Not before a lot more misery, though.

    Today, however, (and I am one septic educated and aware enough to realize that the Merry day has passed into tomorrow for many of you), we can savor the joys of family and friends, knowing that there are still many of us who continue fighting to reverse, or at least slow, the current trend.

    Merry Christmas to you, and may the coming year bring continued health, love, and at least a few moments of joy.
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    Russia's foreign policy (as leaked from several sources within the current administration) is one of deliberate destabilization and deliberate foment of conflict. They believe that such a world situation is advantageous for Russia.

    For instance, the Russians certainly well understand that the missile defense system proposed by the Bush administration is no threat to their vast strategic arsenal. We all figured that out back in the 80's when the technology was spawned. There's just no way to defend against a strike involving 100 missiles on a single target. The proposed system is designed to help protect against the one or two missiles that a 'rogue' state might be able to develop and build in its own.

    But fomenting a conflict over the missiles plays well within Russia, boosting the hard right-wing nationalists there and helping squelch critics of the Medvedeev (Putin) administration, who also favor better relation with the west and the US.

    As Brian pointed out, this is just the sort of conflict that tends to drive oil prices up, WAY up. It's no secret that Russia would like to see high oil prices again.

    Remember back in the '80's when (it's claimed by some) that Reagan's SDI program helped bankrupt the Soviet Union? Well now Russia wants to keep the international pot stirred to keep oil prices high in order to bankrupt US and enrich itself. What comes around....

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    ah all highly debatable there Meany
    I could show you things about the ancient world that would make you seriously wonder about how advanced we are
    I think we got the ancients beat in electronics only
    maybe in transportation but that's also open to discussion

    just as one example
    largest objects moved
    I think it was the Mayan that built a site high on a mountain top
    it may have been the Aztec but Ild have to go look it up
    it has a flat foundation of mica blocks upon which a hole temple complex is built
    each block weighs 660 tons
    and there are tens of thousands of them
    remember Mica is very fragile in large pieces
    the quarry was eventually located and identified
    it lay 3200 km a way over mountainous terrain
    there were no roads linking the two cites
    and no rivers that offered any other than temporary assistance
    the mountain cities were accessible by foot path only
    and still are
    except for helicopter access still only accessible by foot path
    compare the question of how that was done with the following excerpt from
    how modern man moves a 70+ ton object
    from a paper I wrote

    thing to remember is that we could compare two mica blocks with the following example

    now I ask you
    does modern man actually have superior technology

    or need I go on to my next example

  4. Boston

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    oh hey Jim whats up
    well there is not much debate among anthropologists about complex concepts and language
    it seems that the more detailed a concept is the more specific a language need be
    thus the more words in a language the more concepts in the thought process using it
    the less words the simpler the thought process
    therefor it is possible to surmise that the greater knowledge base may have lay in the past not the present
    and therefor again
    that the development of a civilization can be directly related to the quality and quantity of its vocabulary
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    Tell the truth, your parents ran away and left you in the hospital at birth. Must have been really scared with the thought of bringing a failure up...

    Typical redneck story...
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    masalai masalai

    OK - - - lets all be nice and call a truce.....
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    Get stuffed you capitalist pigdog! You will be first against the wall when the revolution comes!
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    Peace and good will to all men. Love thy neighbour and other crap.

    Im having beanz tonight. baked beanz
  9. Boston

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    I am laughing my *** off at your guys

    were you handy at the pub
    we'd hoist a few
    and have a great time

    on me

    Ild have to say
    you boys have gone round the bend

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    Meanz Beanz Boom Doom Gloom Boom



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    Yeeee Haaaah, - - Go for it Cowboy..... far better than a pissing contest....

    I have eaten my beanz, and farts are brewing, (and they usually stink), so tonight's game is called "Dutch oven" and the first one to leap out of bed (because of the putrid stench) is the looser... :p:p:p:p:p:p:p:D

    I may gass the charge up with a couple of beers and a soft yoke fried egg to add the extra H2S impact...
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    Actually I think that the first out is the winner... just quietly. :p

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    Meanz Beanz Boom Doom Gloom Boom

    And will you stop trashing this thread... We are all freakin doomed and you just wanna pump out greenhouse gas... OFF TOPIC....

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    gotta say
    rather just hoist a few and leave the legumes out of it
    Meanz is welcome
    but the beans have got to stay behind
    so to speak


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    masalai masalai

    I am concentrating, and Gas will never replace the need for more oil and nor will vegetable oils.... so go easy and get ready for solar or wind power as that is almost the only immediate option left to the thoughtful, that can be immediately utilised.... a sort of F you I am OK and I am hiding.... :D:D:D

    1508 - please stop it I am laughing toooo much and I am trying to concentrate....
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