Create my own oil change system

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    I have a topside vacuum pump which is manual, but always wanted something better, but did not want to pay the money.

    So over the years I have collected bits and pieces and now I am doing it. Boat came with an old electric water pump, an FP0F360AC, which wore out and I repaired with nitrile impeller and shaft seal.

    So since it can now pump oil, I plan to use it to pump engine oil out. I threaded the inlet and outlet to use NPT 3/8 pipe threads, and a Y and getting some 3/8 ball valves ($1.61 on ebay Gold tone 3/8" PT male thread to 10mm hose tail binder ball valve G9I9 191466211441 | eBay ).

    Rubber 3/8 oil hose or marine fuel hose will run down to the oil drain plugs on both engines. Before I get into more money I will test the idea. Plan is to permanently mount the pump in the bilge and pump the oil into a 5 gallon bucket. The pump and Y will not be more than 1 foot above the oil level in the engine pan.

    So waiting on parts.

    Will that pump be able to prime itself and pull warm engine oil?

    Here is what it looks like so far. I have the pump foot off soaking in vinegar for removing rust.

    one pic shows pump, other shows the adapters which will screw into the oil pan.
    My oil pan uses NPT pipe plugs.
    If it works, I will drill the center hole bigger and add a 1/4 tee with 2 more valves, one to drain the gen, the other with a loose hose to drain anything else, maybe antifreeze or oil left in my filter bypass canister.

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  2. sdowney717
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    I went with 1/2 inch genuine engine oil hose from Amazon and valves.
    12 foot of hose, all needed parts cost $60 total as I had a lot of parts already saved over the years.
    Smaller could not properly move the oil.
    I created a valved manifold. 20180716_153618.jpg
    Will take me some time to finish the project. I attached together all the fittings with Permatek #1 and have pump screwed down.
    Fits well on top of stringer. 4 valves, one for each engine with hose on the oil drain, one for trans with loose hose, rear one goes to gen, will be a loose hose.

    That being said, the oil in the engines even though old, looks real clean. Not that many hours on the oil. But this system will make it easier in the future to change the oil and it was not hard to create.
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