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Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by mattnedgus, Oct 3, 2007.

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    Yeap! Many globetrotter-sailing dreams end up in boats being sold in a hurry to a fraction of their value, or either auctioned or court asigned for the amount of the owed marina fees and/or whatever other amounts owed to a variety of creditors. I have already assessed several of such boats for court hearing purposes here in Galicia (And I'm just one of many other technicians available for that kind of jobs around here, and this is just an small part of the world!).

    And probably many, many other globetrotting dreams end up in desperation while in the amaterur boat-building process (and we know nothing about those. No statistics here....)

    But we have to pursue our dreams. Human nature.
    As someone said: "The pain of not even having attempted to bring your dreams to reality, is bigger than the pain of having failed in the process."

    Having said this, I line up with the option of carefully buying around for a good opportunity, rather than building up. Just a matter of going to one of such 'dreams tomb' harbours and search around, i.e. :)

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    Cheers everyone, the advice on here has been first class.

    Has anyone moored offshore to avoid harbour fee's? What are the pro's and con's of this? I could maybe answer my own question suggesting that not being able to stock up on water, potentially being arrested(?) if this action is illegal and so on are all con's of the idea... Anymore? :)


    Thanks for taking the time out to write such a lengthy post. I appreciate the honesty - I had realised a few threads earlier that it sounds like it won't be even close to 'cheap' - Annie Hill must be one of the fortunate ones :)

    You're right - I would be better to save, and save until I have sufficient money or investments to live off happily whilst away - rather than trying to do it on a shoestring. I will take a look at those links - from first glances they look interesting.

    I'll certainly keep this forum in mind whatever I end up doing - who knows what's around the corner - and yes I have to be a little hopeful/ naive/ ignorant and or 'not all there' to consider such things, otherwise as you mention - most dreams would fall before they've even begun.

    I had looked into building a hovercraft once upon a time - maybe that would be the better option after all :-D - more precisely the hoverwing - it's certainly a more realistic proposition financially, it's just not something really to travel anywhere on over distance!


    Poor guy! It can't be good to have your hopes trashed like that - but that's why I like to spend as much time as I do trying to research an idea before I start - then I know whether it will or won't work - and so far it appears that sailing anywhere other than a local pond will cost a LOT of money. This appears to be especially apparent when foreign harbours/ marinas and their costs are taken into account.


    I will keep my eyes open for boats such as those you mention - a good opportunity - whilst saving up all that well-needed cash that'll be drained whilst sailing it :)
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    What a depressing story :-(

    Personally, I have the same dreams. One day.

    However, I am contemplating doing it by motor – if I can get the right boat (The chance of that is around zero in these parts). Otherwise I will – at some stage – buy a Spækhugger – they're pretty cheap, usually in pretty good shape except for the deck (which is balsa core), and they behave well in big seas. It's far from a big boat, but hey, I will propably be going alone, and I like camping.
    A well cared for spækhugger goes for about 60-90.000 danish kroner. 90.000 danish is 12.000 euro, 8.350 pounds or with the current low dollar: 17.000 US$.
    With those prices it seems to be within reach. And with the size of the boat (it's 7,5 mtr long) there simply aren't room for all the epensive stuff such as watermakers, generators etc. Heck, I'd even remove the engine.

    Would it be my first choice had I had a better life and a bt more on the bottom of the chest? No, not at all. Then I'd choose Nigel Irens' Roxane with a few a modifications. But that's another story.

    The morale of my story (assuming you could call it that), is that it can be done relatively cheap, at prices where you couldn't build it yourself.

    Here's a link to a couple of danes cruising the world in a Spækhugger:

    As luck would have it, they actually wrote/write that cruising blog in english!


    Here's two links. Both are Spækhuggers. The first is a conversion, the second is a luxury customised version (the top is the custom part):
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    I built my 12m yacht, launched 6 years ago for $50,000 Australian. Saved 3000 hrs labour, on a similar size steel yacht. I would not build a boat any other way. Cheers from down under. Peter Bourne.
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    actual pricing.

    I just checked princing for a 1982 sailboat. Price of "First 30E" from beneteau was around 25 000 € in 1982.It is a mainstream model from a big manufacturer. Since then it has been replaced by First 305, then 310, then 31.7. All have about same size and displacement. Current price of First 31.7 is 78 000 €.
    So one can speculate that since 1982, prices for sailboat have a bit more tripled.
    So BADGER should cost around 33 000 £ to 35 000 £ if built today.

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    Buy someone else's dream, fix it, launch it...
    it is a third price of
    You design, build, build.. build and then launch in 5 years.

    Boat building Materials have gone up 300% in the last 5 years. Be careful of building your dream unless you have a very big wallet and a lot of time. But you can buy a running decent boat for under $10k
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