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    Kind of gets to the question of the cost of heavy duty marine diesels, vs conversions of truck diesels. In the 300hp range, does the lifetime cost of carrying a huge heavy continuous marine engine balance the fuel savings, and increased usable space of a massively cheaper marine conversion, given that the conversion will have a much shorter life. If the "proper" engine lasts 10 years but the conversion only lasts 2, how do the numbers compare. Or maintenance or replacement for that matter. I wouldn't think twice about pulling the conversion with some simple rig. Pulling the big beast would not be a task for a cheerful amateur.
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    A used diesel would be great for you, if you can find a small enough one that is considered and has enough hours. (Not too many, that is)

    If not ob, diesel has a big upside. It gets better economy and it is safer.

    When repowers are done, oftentimes, only one engine is really bad, or it is a size change.

    It is less about cost/benefit and more about opportunity.

    If you can find the right one; as long as it hasn't been rusting for 5-15 years; it could be good. I think the Detroits have less than a stellar record of not leaking an oily mess.
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    I don’t think you’ll get a real answer on a general question that broad.
    Perhaps you should pursue a particular motor.
    I would choose the Cummins B or C motor, due to the sheer numbers available.
    Some conversion diesels have very poor track records.
    There are enough used marine diesel motors on the market to make that a much more viable candidate than a used truck motor + conversion costs.
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    Cummins has a rebuilt marine engine program. Recon Engines. Might be worth looking at prices.
    It might be worth checking with some of the Volvo engine dealers as there may be opportunities where a customer has done an upgrade and the dealer has taken the older ones in trade. Though I am not a fan of the D6's in the sterndrive duoprop configurations.
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