Cosine Wherry, Water Sculpture on the bulb of a submarine

Discussion in 'Hydrodynamics and Aerodynamics' started by mtumut, Jul 6, 2016.

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    May I request from forum members to explain me , the cosine wherry design process ?

    I have WB 100 but I could not understand the invention .

    I can only see the wave crash on the bulb of a submarine elegantly and everything is so beatiful and better than whatever sculptors tries to create.

    I think Cosine Wherry have a shape like a submarine bulb where bulb pushes the water in to a sculpture form.

    As you can see I can see something but I cant explain.

    Please , may I please from you to invest 15 minutes to explain things ?

    Thank you,

  2. mtumut
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    mtumut Junior Member

    I thinked a little bit , there is a horizontal cosine graph at the WoodenBoat 100 and AFAIK,
    the displacement of the sections must follow that graph like a Napoleon Hat.

    Is it true ? If we give the volume every section , does the boat shape comes automatically ? I think I read the Colin Archer comment on wave theory and shape comes from mid section shape , dimensions and prismatic coefficients.

    When all inputs and volumes touch each other , boat comes to hand.

    I want to understand what is exponent which seems to me related with cp ?

    Do I understand correctly ? Can you please help ?

    ps. I thinked a little bit more and remembered front middle and back sections calculated indiviually , is it true ? Which equation used for each ?


  3. gonzo
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    My understanding of the design, is that it is a proof of concept. The designer thought that he could use that cosine equation to design a boat. It is OK, but nothing ground-breaking.
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