Coral Princess capsize

Discussion in 'Stability' started by michael pierzga, Nov 24, 2012.

  1. michael pierzga
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  2. keysdisease
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    I live in the area and have been watching the TV coverage. The inlet in question is extremely dangerous in any conditions above 3-5ft. There is a bar and a reef and shoaling to deal with and the wave patterns can be very challenging. There is also a dredge which I doubt was an issue as its well in from the break. This inlet is at or near the top of the list for inlets with groundings or capsizes.

    Here's a cam link:

  3. philSweet
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  4. portsmouthmarin

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    Been through that inlet a few times. You sure need to be careful. Shallows, breakers, constantly shifting channel and channel markers. You could get into a lot of trouble quickly there and many have.
  5. Ike
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    I took this photo in April of 2000. Hillsboro Inlet light on a nice day. Note the wind in the trees. When I took this the inlet was really kicking up. I have never used this inlet but if that is the normal condition then I would hate to be there on a bad day!

  6. El_Guero

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    Well, if you look at the live feed (KeysD gave it above), they have 20+ kts this morning (7 AM?). I was thinking along your lines. Is it always that windy? Or, is this just coincidence?
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