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Discussion in 'Software' started by pavel915, Apr 19, 2011.

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    In rhino when I want to copy an object from one file to another by the command copy, then then in the destination file the copied objects goes to a place which is not controlled. I want to paste to a definite place with respect to a reference point. As I can do this work in AutoCad by " copy with baste point " command which I find by right clicking in the window, I am searching for similar kind of command in Rhino.

    Can I copy directly from Autocand to Rhino by any command( without exporting the object as a dwg file)?
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    Not "copy" and "paste" but you can make the object a block using the "Block" command, and then insert it where desired using the "Insert" command.

    When you paste an object it appears to go to the same location it had in the model it was copied from.
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    The copy and paste function works well if you open rhino twice (this is where twin monitors come in handy). You then have a destination rhino file in one rhino and a copying file in the other, which you can change to get the file/object that you need. I first select the object I want to add to the other file and make a “transform” copy which I add a point object to (as a reference point for the object) and then move both to either 0,0,0 and to a known point. Then do a copy/paste into the destination rhino file. No you can’t copy/paste from different programmes.
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