Converting Pacific fishing trawlers to diesel/sail power

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by majon, Jun 8, 2006.

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    We are a thirty year old NGO, now embarking on a project to help poor fishing communities in Peru and Panama - (Chimbote, Peru for example, was the world's largest fishing port in 1980s, now poor with dwindling catches, high fuel costs - threatened with extinction).

    We had a similar project in Djibouti (70s/80s) where we helped convert 260 ton whitewater trawlers decommissioned from the British fishing fleet (due to EEC and treaties). We accomplished this by taking out the engines and extending the keels to accommodate the gaff rigging common to Red Sea sail-powered fishing vessels. (We sponsored, but work was all done by local architects and boatyards)

    Today in Peru and Panama we are seriously considering a similar project - need help with feasibility....
    Pacific trawlers, of course, are a different design to British whitewater trawlers.
    Would appreciate any ideas, criticisms, encouragements for the following considerations: convert to folding props (can they be made large enough to accommodate 2,000 + hp diesel marine engines?), extending keels, adding sail rigging: to get to fishing grounds under sail, then pull the net either under diesel power or else (depending on conditions) by a combination of engine and sail power. Then returning to port under sail.

    Will greatly appreciate comments from more knowledgable and preofessional heads.

    Thak you,
    Bruce Thornton
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    Hello Bruce,

    I really like the sound of your project.
    I have tried to send you a email regarding your project,
    hopefully you have recieved this.
    Not being a boat designer I cannot help you much with your design queeries,
    do you have photos or plans of the trawlers in question?
    Unless someone else here has them, which someone just may, these will be very helpfull.
    (I am going to have a search now for them)
    What is the time frame and the constraints on this project
    Is there a rough budget of,
    purchase of boats (if they are to be purchased)
    cost of conversion,

    Where is the conversion to take place, On site in fishing towns, or somewhere else?

    Good luck, I will check back later.
    [EDIT- P.S. try not to double post, even though it was probably an accident, it is not much appreciated by the administrators-)
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