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Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by gonzo, Jan 13, 2011.

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    a thought Gonzo,

    what about hydrualic or not "pull out" parts, like you see
    on mobile homes and trailers?
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    Thats a much better idea - it does away with the problematic beam design, and allows you to store stuff inside as you cart the craft around.

    Rather than make the ends pointy, you could probably get away a "fold_down" bow


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    We were working on a concept for a power boat using an Atkin box keel , with reverse deadrise.
    A modified River Belle , 39 ft lonf 7ft 6 wide with a foulding deck house to go under 9 ft to fit in the box.

    Concept was ship it , and with the box keel nothing but a lever and rollers would be required to insert or extract the boat.

    The narrow beam can mean very efficient fuel burn at modest 10K-18K speeds .

    The ability to take the ground means packed harbors are no big deal, as most boats need to stay afloat , this doesn't mind the tides.

    While the interior could not come close to a modern 39 ft cruiser with 15 ft of beam, 7ft 6 still has room for a reasonable sail boat like main salon .

    IF I can sell mt Benateau First 32 , a 35 ft GM 4106 coach conversion , and a 1980 VW diesel Rabbit I will be giving it a go in aluminum.

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