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Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Mattisthinking, Feb 25, 2011.

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    yipster designer

    i like the drawings, miss a loo, oh release and now see space for a head to starboard
    turbines weight in way less than heavy 1000hp diesels witch a client might prever
    so for waterline and props as said above but at wot turbines dont neccesarily have to use much more fuel
    they also leave more engine bay space and you could for example consider a boarding path from the stern
    showing off the jets as i sketched on a smaller boat 5 years back, does take a deck subframe tho
    on such a boat i figger jets ok but liked the more rounder bud than huge inlets client thought nececairy
    o yeah and starting generator powering gearbox, not a heavy one, for whispering marina use may be considered
    meanwhile i like different boats better but glad to see i'm not the only dreamer and as said, nice drawings!
    would be really nice to find a paying client now and get such a boat materialized :p

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    Yes it would be nice to meet up with an NA, engineer or company just to see how far I could take this, but with my own individual knowledge I can only take it so far. Everyone has been very helpful so far and I shall be making the proper changes as best as I can before I move into 3d.
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    MattNA New Member

    Matt I am a Naval Architecture student from the University of New Orleans, and I am currently home on SB near Grand Rapids. I would be willing to talk to you about the design and help you while I am home. Just shoot me an e-mail

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    The problem with concept design, particularly in maritime fields is that it is very easy to draw something that cannot possibly ever work. However, when you understand the basics (like engine-sizing, tank sizing, available headroom etc.) you can develop a concept design with a reasonable probability of success.

    Engine sizing (for a rough calc) is not that hard. You need to know the hull resistance at the design speed (use savitsky's method), the propeller and transmission efficiency and then you can work out the input power. Your engine must be able to provide this power continuously. Your tanks are then sized based on your required range or duration and the specific fuel consumption of your engines.

    What is not as easy, is drawing a boat that will handle adverse weather conditions. You need to consider your target region, as this will give you information of the type of waves you will encounter, and this will have a profound effect on the hull-shape.

    Mooring and access are also important considerations, so you need space to walk to the foredeck, and mooring cleats when you get there.

    Hope this helps,

    Tim B.
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