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    ancient kayaker aka Terry Haines

    I understand dry ice (solid carbon dioxide) is produced using CO2 generated in various processes that would otherwise go straight into the atmosphere. Releasing it by allowing the dry ice to sublime does not prodcue it, it was already there.
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    Matter can be neither created or destroyed, it is simply changed.

    Where did the CO2 come from before it was ice, it was CO2......
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    Perhaps you forgot to include the little smiley face thingy on the end of your post to indicate that you were just making a small joke?

    You wrote it yourself, Lubber, Carbon and Oxygen. Both elements can exist on their own without being necessarily bonded to the other. Of course, you know what that must mean.....
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    Coupé lines....

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    perfect boat for happy days of 2004 - before oil had jumped as much and when everyone had a boom.
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    The happy days are NOW... with Volvo IPS system and fuel efficient diesel engines, nice weather and finanicial crise is almost over... :cool:

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    Take care what you´re posting here, *******.
    There is a point when bantering should end and you are far beyond that point!
    You earned already a nice reputation here with your offensive manner. But thats only one side of the coin. Putting false colors on someones business is intolerable, you should stop that, now!
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