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Compostie Tooling Resources Availble

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by willdubiel, Jan 18, 2009.

  1. willdubiel
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    willdubiel Will Dubiel

    I have recently acquired acess to incredible tooling resources, and need several jobs to keep them in my control, and to keep them active. Specifically, I'm using two 7-axis robotic mills (53' x 20' x 10' capacity) to cut foam and epoxy paste plugs or molds. The first few projects will get the foam for free, since we have some of it stockpiled. In addition to the robotic mills, I have acess to a fiberglass cutting CNC machine, two table CNC routers, experienced mold-room, and a metal fabrication shop. All design work, 3D modeling, naval architecture can be contracted for as well.
    The robots have been previosly used to produce tooling for hulls, decks, small parts like hatches, interior fiberglass structures for retail stores, prototypes, etc...
    Facility is in Rhode Island.
    Please contact me for more info.

    Will Dubiel
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