Composites Technician Opening in Hardeeville, SC

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    DUER High Performance Composites is currently seeking a Composites Technician. The successful candidate will be capable of performing all basic functions required to laminate advanced composite structures. Candidates should have previous experience as a laminator using open molding, resin infusion, wet bagging and prepreg. It would be beneficial for the candidate to have experience with fiberglass and different types of fibers, such as e-glass, carbon fiber, and aramids, and resin systems, such as epoxy, polyester, and vinylester, and pre-impregnated materials. DUER High Performance Composites is an innovative, high end manufacturer of composite components. Employees of DUER are self-motivated, responsible, and technically inclined. As part of the DUER team, recruits are rewarded with challenging, varying projects and the opportunity to grow with the company. DUER is located in Hardeeville, SC. For more information about the company, see the website at Candidates may email their resume to for consideration.
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