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Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by mc_rash, Apr 4, 2021.

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    Hey guys,
    are there any (international) boat design/naval architecture competitions where you can participate (as a student)? I don't need to get a price or become the winner, I just want to find out if I could satisfy the state of requirements and maybe compare the results with the results from other participants and learn from that contest.
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    There is to be a manual powered underwater boat contest, but I don't know anything about it. I would guess there would be several aimed at "green" renewable power.
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    Don't know if this interests you, but there are a bunch of concrete boat competitions. I guess the idea is that building a small boat out of concrete seems incredibly stupid. Sometimes they are raced.

    Likewise for duct tape boats, or duct tape + cardboard.

    Also, there are judged shows for boats you build, like this Small Craft Festival that occurs at a museum where they also teach full size and model boat building:

    There are many museums that teach boat building. I bet a lot of them have such contests.

    There are contests like

    run by or with the help of WoodenBoat Magazine.

    But you may have a problem: A lot of such crowded events may be cancelled due to the pandemic. Also, you may have to find an event which isn't too far for you to travel.

    You could just look up "boat building contest" on a search engine.


    +"boat building contest" - Google Search

    finds many of them.
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    I just looked up the "human powered submarines" on Google, that Will Gilmore alluded to. They look fun, but maybe not completely practical.

    They aren't as fast as racing kayaks, or racing sculls, or sliding seat racing singles, nor can they go as far, and the pilots enter their craft underwater with the help of scuba divers.

    But I think they are faster than human scuba divers, though there are electric powered underwater scooters that can make them go even faster.

    While there are also international human powered submarine competitions, I wouldn't be surprised if the U.S. Navy started sponsoring the competitions at Carderock, MD Naval Warfare Center as a source of ideas for devices to help Navy Seals sneak into places more quickly, or if they wanted to make contact with and encourage current and prospective engineering students, and their academic advisors, who might later work on naval projects. The Navy supplies small grants for other design contests - e.g., for stem students, who want to win small amounts of money (I suspect less than build cost! - this probably isn't a way to get rich quick.):

    FLEET Contests & Challenges Summer 2018

    STEM Competitions, Events & Contests | 2021 | High School Students & Middle School

    I wouldn't be surprised if one of the terms of such contests is that the sponsor is allowed to use your ideas - but the Navy does offer small additional grants to develop some of the ideas.

    You might also look at google for "boat design contest".

    There are so many of these contests, that I doubt you can participate in all of them. :)

    If you are in an engineering program, perhaps your academic advisors can point you in the direction towards contests.

    Any custom boat designer or builder is in a contest for business with other custom boat designers and builders. If you build a small boat, you could maybe take it out to the water, and put an ad on the boat offering to design and build boats for other people. If it looks cool enough, someone might bite. Or you could sell your boats on Craigslist - being sure to include pictures.

    Perhaps you would enjoy attending classes in building boats. There are many such classes. This site even has an education sub-forum:


    You might also be interested in Summer internships, some of which pay money, as opposed to most amateur contests, which you typically have to pay to enter. I used to work at the Naval Research Laboratory (though not in boat design), and I noticed that at the time they had a summer internship program. I'm not sure that still exists, but if it doesn't, there are others:


    Naval STEM Internship Opportunities Available for High School, College Students > United States Navy > display-pressreleases

    Summer STEM :: Admissions :: USNA

    Or search at google for "navy" and "internship".

    In the U.S., SOME such internships are specific to U.S. citizens. Perhaps there are others abroad open to citizens of their own countries.

    Anyway, I'm sure you can use a search engine as well as I can, and can look for other such things.
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