Comments please on this gaff rigged schooner cat

Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by Sand crab, Dec 31, 2011.

  1. Sand crab
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    Sand crab Junior Member

    This one has been up for sale for a year or 2 and the price keeps dropping. It is a 64' traditional design open bridgedeck cat with modified "V" hulls similar to a Wharram but with improvements (they claim). The rig consists of round tube masts and the sails have webbing straps around the mast.
    I'm just looking for general comments on the boat and rig.
    Pros in no particular order.
    1. Big boat and alot of bang for the buck
    2. Fairly new with low hours
    3. 6 electric winches
    4. Fully equipped with almost everything including modern electronics
    5. V hulled with daggerboards should point upwind well
    6. Fairly light for it's size
    Cons in no particular order
    1. Absolutely no shade or weather protection
    2. No comfortable seating
    3. I found on another website that the LWL is about 50'. With V- hulls and the LWL at 64' I am concerned about excessive pitching.
    4. I'm guessing the the sail webbing straps could bunch up or bind frequently making this big boat a much bigger PIA. I havn't seen these straps before but alot of traditional designs use ropes instead. BTW The Wharrams have a similar rig but use a luff sleeve.
    5. V-hulls turn slower

    So, did I miss anything? Anybody have any first hand experience with this type of rig. Just thought I'd mention that we set a record high of 56 degrees with rain yesterday. Global warming is real at least in Montana. BOB
    PS Happy New Year

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  2. keysdisease
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    keysdisease Senior Member

    Looks real nice for a Wharram clone. Finish, yanmars, equipment, generator, a/c's, all add value.

    But seems pricey for a "custom" Wharram type cat, especially a glass over ply and no mention of epoxy or polyester. If it was epoxy you would think they would say so. If polyester I would "run like the wind" as fast as I could. You also pointed out the funky rig that doesn't bring much to the party, what else will jump out at you on closer look?

    It was set up for small party term charter and occasional day charters for 24. I doubt you could get a wood boat passed by the Coasties for 6+ pax after the fact, so not in US waters if that's a thought.

    For that kind cash I think there are much better values available. If your shopping, it is very much a buyers market.

    $0.02 Steve in Ft Lauderdale. :cool:
  3. Timothy
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    Timothy Senior Member

    I could be wrong but I think that's a Nigel Irens design.
  4. Sand crab
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    Sand crab Junior Member


    Correct. It's all here including over a hundred pics. A pic of Nigel is in there too with the builders.

    Keysdisease, Because this boat was designed by and built by qualified people complete with photos and more I suspect that USCG might not be as difficult as you say. But that's just part of the deal for us. We may never charter it. Just another thing to consider. Of course I would fully investigate this before an offer is made. Thanks Guys

  5. rayaldridge
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    rayaldridge Senior Member

    This looks like a fantastic boat. It might not be as fast as a racing cat, but in my view is a luxurious and beautiful boat. While it has the look of a Wharram, the hull design is much more sophisticated. If I had a half-million bucks burning a hole in my pocket, I'd buy it.
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