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    Since the Other tread degenerated so badly I tought the we could have a Sensible discussion for Edumacated People of the dues and donts for Imigrants and Tourists.

    A good way to learn any countries culture is to listen to its music. I have done this in various countirs and really appreciate the sounds of the Mexican Polka and middle astern Belly Dancers

    so here is just butt a taste of what typical americn music is like

    Stay tuned for other cultual diffences in this series of ediquit tips

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    All my ancestors came by boat, bringing their European skills with them and some bringing their guns to fight the American Continental Army. None swam or came by aeroplane or walked the path from Siberia into North America. Some were already here to meet the Hessians and Redcoats, having arrived in the previous century. All came by boat.
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    The Thread Title That Wouldn't Die....:p

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    new application/permit for nonimmigrant aliens

    Application/Permit for Non-Immigrant Aliens Temporarily Bringing Firearms or Ammunition Into the United States for Hunting or other Lawful Sporting Purposes
    The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) has created a new application/permit for nonimmigrant aliens temporarily bringing firearms or ammunition into the United States for hunting or other lawful sporting purposes.

    The new application/permit is called ATF Form 6NIA (Application and permit for temporary importation of firearms and ammunition by non-immigrant aliens.)

    Nonimmigrant aliens who want to temporarily import firearms or ammunition for hunting or other lawful sporting purposes should use this new form, rather than ATF form 6. (Application and permit for importation of firearms, ammunition, and implements of war.)

    The new ATF form 6NIA can be downloaded from the ATF webpage at or ordered from the ATF Distribution Center 703-455-7801.

    ATF created the new form 6NIA to make the application process simpler for nonimmigrant aliens who want to temporarily import firearms and ammunition for hunting and other lawful sporting purposes. Nonimmigrant aliens no longer will have to complete an application that is designed more for commercial importers.

    ATF will process form 6NIA applications in approximately 6 to 8 weeks.

    ATF recommends applicants provide a fax number including country code on their applications when possible, to eliminate the possibility of approved permits being lost in the mail.

    An approved ATF form 6NIA will serve as the temporary import permit that nonimmigrant alien presents to the U.S. Customs Service at the time he or she enters the United States.

    An approved permit is valid for one year, as long as the nonimmigrant alien has documentation demonstrating he or she will fall within an exception to the general prohibition on nonimmigrant aliens possessing firearms and ammunition (either a valid State hunting license or an invitation/registration to attend a future qualifying competitive target shooting event or sports or hunting trade show.)

    A non immigrant alien who already has an approved import permit on the old ATF Form 6 may continue to use the permit until it expires (as long as he or she has documentation demonstrating that he or she falls within an exception to the general prohibition on nonimmigrant aliens possessing firearms and ammunition.)

    Nonimmigrant aliens planning to temporarily enter the United States with a firearm or ammunition for reasons other than hunting or other lawful sporting purposes (or repair) do not need an ATF Form 6NIA import permit.

    However, they do need to fall within an exception to the general prohibition on nonimmigrant aliens possessing firearms and ammunition in the United States.

    Moreover, they may need a DSP-61 (Temporary Import License) from the department of state. If a nonimmigrant alien has questions about whether a DSP-61 is needed, he or she should contact the U.S. Department of State, office of Defense Trade Controls, at 202-663-2714.

    Nonimmigrant aliens with questions about ATF Form 6NIA may call ATF's Firearms and Explosives Import Branch at 202-927-8320. The ATF webpage has frequently asked questions that provide useful information regarding the form.
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