Columbia/Snake (and other) river locks/sailing

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    I have been wondering about the details of sailing up the Columbia to Lewiston, ID from the standpoint of boat design.

    I found that the standard barge taken downriver from Lewiston is 42' W and from pictures I've found I can see that the locks are much longer (5X?) than they are wide so it would appear that one would need a true behemoth of a boat to not be able to use the locks.

    Does anybody else have any applicable experience in this area? I can't imagine there is a published maximum draft for this river system but I wonder if there is a source for guidance.

    I'd also be interested in info for other inland waterways and their particular rules. I was taking a walk in Reading UK down by the Thames when I was there this summer and viewed the operation of a lock there. The traditional size and long aspect ratio of the Thames river boat made a lot more sense to me after seeing the lock which had been in operation for over 100 years.

    Thanks in advance for info.

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    Any river system with that level of infrastructure will have published max dimensions, including draft.

    I bet these people can tell you:

    If not they can tell you who is in charge of the locks, and you can get the info from them.
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