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Discussion in 'Fiberglass and Composite Boat Building' started by hardguy007, Aug 20, 2016.

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    Rite, straight to the point...I didn't add enough harder to the gelcoat. Don't ask me why or how but for some dopey reason I only added harder to the gelcoat at approx 0.5%. I mixed 5kg of clear gel with 0.5kg of pigment and split it into 2 containers but I only added 10ml of harder to each.

    So what to do now? Will it go off? Could I risk a first layer of glass?

    Btw it's polyester based and it was on a mould I was laying up.

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  2. upchurchmr
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    There are lots of threads asking about improperly mixed hardener - mostly epoxy here, but still, you shouldn't feel worse than you already do.

    Someone will know something - not me, but chin up.

    You're not a real boatbuilder until you can cope with problems. :D
  3. lake pirate rrr
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    i would think it would probably not go off at .5

    though you'll know soon enough .. if it fingerprints or dings with a fingernail then it's probably not going to get hard enough ..

    i would put a 'hot coat' over it and see if it'll cure .. if it's not too big a mix .. just boost it to 2% if you have time ..

    i go up and down but always hit 1% just because nothing's worse then perma goop or soft material ..

    i'm new to gelcoat .. but also resin for instance .. i'm no pro just sayin' ... also i got a new digital scale for 5bucks yesterday at northern tool .. i already gooped up my other digi scales .. but i do really like a little chart i made up and dropping it right into disposable drinking cups off the scales ..

    good luck .. hope it hardens up
  4. ondarvr
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    Becoming somewhat hard and curing correctly are two very different things. It can appear cured, but the physical properties may be poor, this includes UV and water resistance, so it's a gamble. It may also wrinkle up when resin is applied.
  5. CDK
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    CDK retired engineer

    That was a decimal error; you should have used 100ml to obtain a 2% mix, now it is 0.2%.
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  6. AusShipwright
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    I would suggest you need to start again. The gelcoat will pickle once resin has been added.

    As mentioned earlier, common practice for mixing gelcoat/flowcoat is for a minimum of 2% catalyst(depending on conditions). 5kg @ 2% is 100mL. You will also need to reapply release agents used on the mold once you've peeled the uncured gel off.

  7. gonzo
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    With the exposure to the atmosphere, it is likely the uncured gelcoat absorbed a lot of moisture. The best is to remove it and re-do it.
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