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Classic 53ft. Pilot house project boat 4-sale

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by LiveAboardBill, Apr 28, 2009.

  1. LiveAboardBill
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    LiveAboardBill Junior Member

    My screen name is almost accurate, as I am almost a live-aboard. I currently own 2 project boats and must get rid of the one I love to keep the one my wife likes. The following is from an ad that I'm running on Craig’s list. The boat is located in Sanford, Florida on the St. Johns River.

    It's a little messed up that my first post is to sell a boat but I definitely look forward to future post. The boat I'm keeping is a 1964 Hatteras Double Cabin that is mechanically decent but needs a lot of interior work as well as a lot of exterior work.

    The "Island Woman" is really deserving of a re-hab and I hope to find her a good home soon. I'm asking $14,000 for her

    Thanks for looking.

    A great chance to own a truly historical craft, the last of an era. "Island Woman" formerly "Demi Savage" was built under Lloyds supervision in Berthon Boat Works, U.K. for a Lord Craigmyle. She was built to Lloyds specs as his personal family cruiser and served as an Americas Cup crew boat. She was designed by the famed naval architect Arthur Robb. Her plans are available through the Mystic Seaport museum. Her original build contract is onboard.

    Her hull is planked with 1 3/8” Iroko (Nigerian Teak) over 2 ¼’ x 1 ½” young English oak steam bent frames on about 10” centers. She has +/- 3000lbs of exterior ballast Her draft is +/- 4’10”

    Her engines and transmissions have had recent fluid changes and are in good running condition.

    Other than typical cosmetic repairs, she needs new pillar blocks at the rudder post as well as rudderpost shelves.

    I need to sell her as soon as possible due to the fact that I bought another boat that was more to my wife’s liking.


    Feel free to call me at (239) 910-6093. I can e-mail more pics.

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  2. Kenn
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    Kenn New Member

    Question about boat?

    She is a beatiful boat. Some questions?

    Photos of engines, interior, bilge
    Any photos out of the water
    LWL , beam
    Type of engines,engine cooling, age, GPH
    Cruise speed, Max speed.
    Last time out of water
    Last bottom paint

    She is moored in Sanford? Is there a way to get her out of the water in Sanford or is Green Cove the nearest location.

    Could she make a 700 mile trip under her own power?

    Thanks, Kenn
  3. Kenn
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    Kenn New Member

  4. Kenn
    Joined: Jun 2009
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    Location: Florida

    Kenn New Member

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