Classic 44 wooden shooner for free...

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    or almost..........
    Has anyone here noticed, that these boats are on the market?
    :?: :?: :?:

    at about 12 -15% the value of a new boat. ........ :idea:

    No........... I am not a broker!..... No......... I get no commission.........:!:

    Nor have I some real experience in sailing those artifacts... fact is fact...:rolleyes: I´m a stinkpot sailor..
    But I know that they are real SHIPS, totally overbuilt, real performers (the 44 sails circles round her competitors and makes headway in force 10 conditions).

    Truth is, that the most amateur builders gave up, FAR before the goal was in sight! You cannot imagine how complex these designs are!
    Most got the boats built by pro´s than, some buildings are still underway (one since 1978 or so). BUT........

    .. Look at them, sail them, ask owners how they perform......... impressive yachts....
    for some more info

    Never i was impressed by published "sailing boat designs" nor by statements at the local clubhouse.
    And I only owned one of the burdensome vessels (my first boat, a Swan 48).
    And that is exactly why I... pointed towards these vessels.
    They are worth every penny. IMHO
    A newbuild by your local boatshop will end up at around 1,3 mio€ for the smaller one and at 2,7 for the 44. Dunno in USDinare, change while I type..
    So these offers shown above are worth a look.

    Bear in mind that your travel expenses (to make a bargain), your N ..autical A ..dministrator, ( to make what he wants), your lawyer ( to get rid of the burdensome part of the endeavour), and the supplier of the "advanced tec stuff" ( he knows you´re an idiot.. you build a boat), may cost you at least the same!?.....? And that was just before the hull was watertight.

    Do´nt get me wrong............. I love the AMATEUR builders for what they do.

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