class regulations for 19m. motor vessel

Discussion in 'Class Societies' started by Armada01, Aug 31, 2016.

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    Hey all, I'm writing a design specification for a new project and need to figure out some of the legal requirements.

    What would be the applicable class regulations to adhere to for the following type of vessel:

    • 19m
    • motorvessel
    • monohull
    • charter (commercial) as well as private (same vessel type sold for two use modes)
    • passenger capacity:2 (sleeping aboard)
    • crew capacity:2 (sleeping aboard)
    • Ocean sailing capability
    • flag state: ?

    The vessel will operate globally, so the flag state is really a fiscal consideration
  2. Armada01
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    Armada01 Junior Member

    sorry, passenger capacity is 12, not 2 as written in original post
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    I have a similar dilemma as I would like to build a 24m boat for inland waters (only Danube river) sleeping 12 and a crew of 4 but the local authorities are ambiguous about the classification and crew members etc.

    The boat will be commercially operated and there are a few things I don't understand:

    1. Is there, for pleasure craft (commercially operated - up to 24m length) a differentiation between passengers and crew? or are there only 12 persons max that can be on board of the boat?

    2. Does anyone know what kind of captain licence is required for such vessel? For example on my licence (class D) I am allowed to drive boats of up to 24m in length but there is no mentioning of number of passengers or crew etc.

    In Romania for commercially operated pleasure crafts you need by law the Class D licence plus an extra licence but there is nowhere specified the number of passengers and crew.

    In my case I would need four crew and 12 passengers. But the crew will be formed by - Skipper (licensed class D plus commercial pleasure), cook, waiter and guide (none of them licensed).

    Is that possible?

    Here is the only document I have found but it applies in the UK -

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    Anything I would tell you would be is specific to the government regulating the water you sail in, and more importantly where you dock. Don't think you can flag a vessel anywhere and just float into any port and start operating. This will end you in jail.
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